Destiny 2: First Impressions

When I first started Tihema’s Dilemmas I wrote in the “About” section that one of the things I might write about was gaming. I haven’t made good on that yet, so I’m trying something new. In September this year, one of my most anticipated games is being released: Destiny 2, the sequel to Destiny, one of […]

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An Exceptional Update

I think most of my blog posts begin with some variation of “It’s been a while…”; a pretty clear sign that I’m a fairly useless blogger. I don’t blog often enough to keep people interested, I don’t have a particular topic to blog about that attracts a specific audience, and, hell, I just realised my […]

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A Timeless Love

He is dead. Her love, her life – he is still and limp and cold. His neck is flopped wrongly in her lap. She can feel his blood draining, weeping through her fingers. The knife left behind is only centimetres away. He is dead. Before despair can claim her she forces herself to think. A […]

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