A Timeless Love

He is dead. Her love, her life – he is still and limp and cold. His neck is flopped wrongly in her lap. She can feel his blood draining, weeping through her fingers. The knife left behind is only centimetres away. He is dead. Before despair can claim her she forces herself to think. A […]

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The Travel Blog: Le Final

After leaving Notre Dame my partner and I were a bit like: “Well… where to now?” We had a whole day ahead of us in Paris and there was so much to do. While we decided exactly where to head to next, we did a bit of wandering around that part of the city, checking […]

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The Travel Blog: Paris Épique

We made it to Paris! We arrived by train from Lyon, and on that note, let me just get this out of the way – New Zealand’s public transport sucks. Remember when I stoked out about how simple and easy-to-use Barcelona’s subway system was? I realised on this trip that public transport all over Europe […]

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